Monday, January 20, 2014

The Unfiltered Mouth of my 4 year old...

I am going say being a kid is awesome. You have no worries, hang out all day with your BFFs and someone does all your laundry, cooks your food, and makes sure that there is an unlimited supply of milk in the fridge. 

Children are unfiltered. They call it like it is. They don't know how to lie. They tell you what they think. They express their feelings very well because they don't know how to hold it back. At least all these things are not known for a few years while being a kid. They all come into play at some point. But to hear how a child sees the world can be educational to an adult that has been too busy being an adult. 

Here comes my kids, they are 2 and 4. They only know to tell me how they see it, whether they see it a goofy way, a bad way, or a really off the wall way. I love hearing Ava tell me a story and how she sees the situation happened, its usually scattered and sometimes hard to follow but she is so animated and has her hands flying all around with these big brown eyes. 

So we are in Lowe's. We are looking at things for the kitchen, that will begin remodel in February. We are trying to choose this and that while listening to 'mommy, daddy, look at this or that, I want this I want that' but Kenny and I are pros now to over talking and listening to the girls then continuing our conversation right where we left off. Almost like we were never interrupted to begin with. 

So here we are in an aisle looking at something, following Kenny around while he is looking at prices. A lady enters the aisle and sits right in the middle of the end opening. Right in the direction we are headed. This lady looks like everything is annoying her and acts as if she didnt even see or hear us coming her way. How can you ignore a woman pushing a cart that is one of those cars with the steering wheels with it to entertain the kids, that has 2 kids in it. Two loud kids might I add, how can you ignore the yellings of 'Daddy! Mommy where did my daddy go? Daddy where did you go? Oh there he is! He didn't get far! I'm starving! When are we leaving? What are we buying mommy? Is someone going to buy our house? oh that's pretty!! Daddy! Daddy! Mommy catch up to daddy! Daddy slow down!' Right like she didn't hear any of this while we are coming down the aisle. Still she sat there in the middle where I couldn't get by because of pushing this huge cart but I figured she would move once I got closer, we were still a good distance a way from her. 

Well Ava sees her and gasps 'Oh now we cant get to daddy, there's no room' The lady moves. I told Ava we all take turns when in the aisles and we would get our turn to go through. Ava just looked at me. Thankfully she didn't say anything else about the woman being in our way and we were able to catch up to her daddy. 

So we move to another aisle, its a little tight so I moved the girls down where they can watch Kenny and we were chatting when this lady walked past. Now I looked her up and down and thought to myself look at that outfit. But then I saw Ava also looking her up and down. Ava asked 'where is that lady from?' I told her I didn't know that lady. She looked at me very seriously and said 'well her boots don't look good.' I am still hoping that lady was out of hear shot but it was close. She didn't look back or anything but Ava God love her wasn't quiet about it either. 

So yes the lady with the fuzzy boots that were the color of a manila envelope did not make a good choice according to Ava today when going out to shop for whatever it was that she was in Lowe's for, but she did a great job of making me shake my head and hush her name a few times today. 

So chuckle I know we all are but I know you have been in that situation. 

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