Saturday, January 18, 2014

Savings Challenged Accepted

Challenged Accepted!

So I am 2 weeks for 2 weeks, hoping it sticks, I am so awful at letting things go because of time crunch but since I sit at the computer 2 to 5 times a week balancing the checkbook and seeing what has gone through and what still needs to be sent out. I decided this year we needed to be more prepared by the end of the year, with big bills that seem to creep up on us. So when the Super Coupon Lady posted the 52 week challenge on her website, I printed out the check off sheet and placed it on my desk.

I am going to backwards though because the end of the year is packed full with birthdays, our anniversary, and holidays. And I am taking it one step further and instead of just our savings account and placing this in the girls savings accounts also. I would like to have enough in their savings account by the time they are in school to begin a 529 savings program to start saving for their college careers, because I cannot even imagine how expense it will be for them to get a descent education when they are 18. 

So I am check marking the weeks I transfer and if I somehow miss a week, forget or it just isn't there at that time, I plan on to catch up on the plan. There is no skipping out on this. Its the easiest way to do it and simplest way with it right in from of my face. So wish me luck and happy saving in 2014!

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