Friday, April 26, 2013


These girls have been loving it outside. We are outside just about everyday unless its really cold or raining. Other than that they are all over their swing and the in the back yard.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Growing so fast

Do you SEE this?!?!?!? They are both growing just so fast. So fast I sometimes tear up, where did my babies go? Ava is learning so much, understanding so much and able to put things together quickly. Hailey is slowly saying more and more words but knows exactly what you are saying and what you mean and what you want her to do. It just amazes me at these ages and it just keeps going faster.

We are enrolling Ava into preschool this year. A year early but I think it will do her good. She understands so much and has so much to do with it. I want her to get a head start and run with it. I want to give her all the opportunities I can to succeed and I believe that begins now.


They will soon be learning to live without each other, when Ava leaves Hailey for 3 days a week for preschool but I think this will be a good thing. She is so dependent on Ava speaking her and doing stuff for her. She will be out of her comfort zone only a few days, she will still be at Vickie's so that wont change, she will now just now have Ava there to play with.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Their love for each other is amazing, watching it grow everyday is something I treasure.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Moved BACK downstairs!

So a year after our project of remodeling the upstairs and moving our rooms up there, we have moved back downstairs. My knees kept going out. Carrying kids, laundry and myself upstairs a thousand times a day, my poor knees were having so much trouble. I am truly meant for a rancher not a 2 story home. So after the last episode, which had my knee swollen where I couldn't walk and OF COURSE on a night that Kenny was at work, we decided we would move downstairs and help me out a little bit.


We haven't stopped remodeling upstairs, I have big plans to get it ready for a 'show off' type for those rooms and one bath. I have been using what used to be Ava's room as a storage room for all the handmedowns and totes of clothes.

So we are a little happier and I think sleeping better being downstairs. The girls are in their beds for the most part and I am able to work on the laundry and carry the girls to bed without my knee going out. Its been a nice change. We honestly probably never have moved upstairs, it was a nice idea, a thought to get Ava in her own bed and us into a better routine but all it did was have Ava not liking her 'own' room and my knees hurting. She is now in her own bed most nights and happy to be close to mommy and daddy when she needs us.