Friday, July 5, 2013

Potty Trained?!? Really?!? No! Yes!!!

So about 2 months ago, Hailey began hitting her diaper and pointing after she had peed or pooped. It became more of a habit the longer she did it. She wasn't about to sit long with a dirty diaper which I love because Ava could have really cared less at this age. 

As the time went on she would come up and hit my arm point to the bathroom and go running but by this time she had already went. My little girl doesn't say much at this age, the norm daddy,  mommy, sissy, kathie, bye bye, little stuff like that she doesn't say pee pee yet so we are going by a little sign language. 

Two weeks ago when my vacation began she was helping me do laundry, which is in our half bath and grabbed my hand, pointed to the potty. So I took off her diaper and she peed. So proud of herself, just smiled ear to ear. Over vacation week, we kept encouraging her and doing the clap cheering stuff and she just kept on. We went to visit my sister and she grabbed her hand and took my sister to the bathroom. We went down dads and she did the same. 

I kept her in diapers for the sitter, still not sure if she was going to continue or quit. Ava would do it for a few days then bam pee right on the floor and demand a pull up on. I just want her to do it at her own time, I don't want to pressure her. But she keeps wanting too. She wants to be a 'big' girl like her sister. 

This week while off work for the holiday, she was sitting on the potty when her daddy came back and asked 'why don't you start pooping on the potty? we need to get rid of these diapers', he walked away and she did it. Grinned as wide as she could saying 'see'. 

So its been almost 2 weeks since the time she started all this and I think its safe to say she wants to be out of diapers and with this heat I can't blame her. So I have been doing either nothing at all on her or panties while she is away and a diaper for naptime and bedtime. 

She still isn't waking up with a dry diaper. She wakes up for a drink every night still at 20 months!! So I am going to keep encouraging her, keep going days without diapers and fingers crossed I will only be buying nighttime diapers until she starts waking up to use the potty in the middle of the night.

Family Vacation

The last week of June we got to enjoy a little family time. Kenny and I both took that week off and we enjoyed a lot of time at home with our girls, swimming, playing and we planned a trip to the Virginia Safari Zoo. We have been going round and round on selling the house, working on projects, so a short but fun vacation is what we were looking for.

My favorite picture, this deer made his way in the truck and just took the bucket and wiped it clean!
Ava was not impressed!
The girls had so much fun and were begging to go back. We will definately have to make our way there again, maybe next time we will take my mom a huge animal lover. Ava kept asking if Nanny could come but my mom was actually on her own vacation the same week. So I told her maybe next time.
She was ready to feed the animals and get a really need experience
He took the whole bucket
Hailey was NOT about these animals being so close to her!

Yes these HUGE animals welcomed themselves right in our truck lol