Monday, September 9, 2013

Our house

So at the beginning of the year I stated that we would like to put our house on the market. Well March we looked into it and the comps and business were not good so we didnt do it. August we took the plung and the house is on the market. And I have found out that I am not good at this. The waiting, the cleaning to sparkle, but mainly the waiting. We have had a showing and I really just dont like that they didnt buy the house. I know it may not be the house they want but I want out and I really want to continue with our plans. It hasnt even been that long, not even a month and I am over it. We havent had much interest, not but one showing however everyone is looking at it online. So here I am thinking why can they look at it online but dont want to see it. It is a nice house, it has a nice flat back yard, and a basement. So I am cleaning, rearranging, and trying to pick up after the girls as best as I can. Every day waiting on the phone to ring to let me know someone would like to see it in person. Like I said I am not good at this. I am patient in so many areas of my life, but this is for the birds. If I could I would pack up, leave it empty and do our plans while we waited on those special people that want to live out in the country and buy our home. Ava is really excited about this because she is hearing our plans, what we want to build, color schemes, and how we want the lay out to be. She wants her room to be built because she wants to choose her room color. She keeps asking when is someone going to buy this house so I can get my new room? I dont know the answer to that but I do know that when someone does buy it, it will be the house for them. It will be just as it is meant to be. I may be at my wits end by then between all the dog hair and toys but the people that choose our house wont mind that because they will be thinking about their own items in the place of that toy box.
I will say that I have the house decked out in 31, so if anyone does look at the house and needs a consultant they will be able to figure out that I am one and maybe get my information. I have the toy box and organizing items through out the house looking cute and stylish.
So we will continue to wait and I am excited we are able to even put the house on the market. I am hoping we sell before it gets too cold, and we are focused on the holidays and Kenny on hunting. If not we are closing up shop until the spring.