Sunday, January 26, 2014

Swim Lessons are back on..

Ava started swim lessons this past week and I have a happy little girl. Its going to be a little tough, Kenny works 5 out of the 8 classes so it will be me and the girls. This past class was busy, the college had swim teams practicing, random people in the pool then different classes with all these kids. Ava did great, level 2 seems to be her fit, they started learning the dead mans float and to trust the instructors to let go of the side of the pool and jump towards them. The pool thankfully is heated with these frigid temperatures.  Ava loved it and liked her instructors, hoping by summer if she isn't swimming well she will at least be swimming somewhat. We are all waiting on warm weather to get in the pool and enjoy some time in the sun.

So far So good..

So this January, I have actually been keeping up with most of what I said that I wanted to do this year...I know I still have the rest of the year but starting off on the right foot will keep me going. We are saving, cleaning, painting, working on projects, and I am exploring more into my faith. Our wonderful church does hold classes for adults but with small children, working full time and Kenny's work schedule, right now I know I would just feel guilty being in a class when I could be playing Uno, giving baths, hearing about their day or even just arguing with them to get them to bed on time.

So thanks to pinterest and a cousin that 'pinned' the link first I am working on my own to work through bible studies with a great group of ladies that put the studies together.Their blog is wonderful, uplifting, and right now something that is helping me understand where I am at in this world. This 8 week program is sure to be educating. The first couple of weeks are about me, my purpose, and my faith then we will be focusing on the kids, marriage and etc.

So far I have been working on it after the girls go to bed and during my lunch break. I tried one day while they were awake and they are nothing but a distraction while you are trying to focus on the words and meanings. So wish me luck, 8 weeks of trying to keep up with reading, my studies along with working, hubby, and kids schedules.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Now to decorate

Now that the painting is done and all the toys are moved it's time to start saving and decorate the playroom. I have so many ideas in mind.

I cannot wait to get the supplies and pictures and begin putting stuff on the walls.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Unfiltered Mouth of my 4 year old...

I am going say being a kid is awesome. You have no worries, hang out all day with your BFFs and someone does all your laundry, cooks your food, and makes sure that there is an unlimited supply of milk in the fridge. 

Children are unfiltered. They call it like it is. They don't know how to lie. They tell you what they think. They express their feelings very well because they don't know how to hold it back. At least all these things are not known for a few years while being a kid. They all come into play at some point. But to hear how a child sees the world can be educational to an adult that has been too busy being an adult. 

Here comes my kids, they are 2 and 4. They only know to tell me how they see it, whether they see it a goofy way, a bad way, or a really off the wall way. I love hearing Ava tell me a story and how she sees the situation happened, its usually scattered and sometimes hard to follow but she is so animated and has her hands flying all around with these big brown eyes. 

So we are in Lowe's. We are looking at things for the kitchen, that will begin remodel in February. We are trying to choose this and that while listening to 'mommy, daddy, look at this or that, I want this I want that' but Kenny and I are pros now to over talking and listening to the girls then continuing our conversation right where we left off. Almost like we were never interrupted to begin with. 

So here we are in an aisle looking at something, following Kenny around while he is looking at prices. A lady enters the aisle and sits right in the middle of the end opening. Right in the direction we are headed. This lady looks like everything is annoying her and acts as if she didnt even see or hear us coming her way. How can you ignore a woman pushing a cart that is one of those cars with the steering wheels with it to entertain the kids, that has 2 kids in it. Two loud kids might I add, how can you ignore the yellings of 'Daddy! Mommy where did my daddy go? Daddy where did you go? Oh there he is! He didn't get far! I'm starving! When are we leaving? What are we buying mommy? Is someone going to buy our house? oh that's pretty!! Daddy! Daddy! Mommy catch up to daddy! Daddy slow down!' Right like she didn't hear any of this while we are coming down the aisle. Still she sat there in the middle where I couldn't get by because of pushing this huge cart but I figured she would move once I got closer, we were still a good distance a way from her. 

Well Ava sees her and gasps 'Oh now we cant get to daddy, there's no room' The lady moves. I told Ava we all take turns when in the aisles and we would get our turn to go through. Ava just looked at me. Thankfully she didn't say anything else about the woman being in our way and we were able to catch up to her daddy. 

So we move to another aisle, its a little tight so I moved the girls down where they can watch Kenny and we were chatting when this lady walked past. Now I looked her up and down and thought to myself look at that outfit. But then I saw Ava also looking her up and down. Ava asked 'where is that lady from?' I told her I didn't know that lady. She looked at me very seriously and said 'well her boots don't look good.' I am still hoping that lady was out of hear shot but it was close. She didn't look back or anything but Ava God love her wasn't quiet about it either. 

So yes the lady with the fuzzy boots that were the color of a manila envelope did not make a good choice according to Ava today when going out to shop for whatever it was that she was in Lowe's for, but she did a great job of making me shake my head and hush her name a few times today. 

So chuckle I know we all are but I know you have been in that situation. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

And it's real...

So 4 years ago not only did Ava come into this world but our church welcomed a new pastor.

Pastor Greg came into the church like he'd been here forever. He and his family are really sweet down to earth people who are here to help. He has such a big heart. He has fit in so well with the back creek family.

His easy going lessons on Sunday are a big reason I am there. My family has never been huge into religion and church was never a every Sunday thing. We didn't read the bible at home or discuss it or even said prayers, unless we needed prayers. This past year going through the book of Romans, having him break it down into understandable words, and listening to his stories of his marriage, childhood, and college careers has made the bible enjoyable, learnable, and having me looking more into my faith.

He was our first visitor when we had Hailey, prayed over her and baby talked to her,  gushing how beautiful she is.

Last month pastor Greg announced his resignation from our church. A shocker to everyone and had most crying by the end of his speech. We will all miss him. The reason behind his you cannot fault that we would all make ourselves if it came down to it.

Today they announced the moving trucks are know how real that makes all this? Next Sunday is going to be hard. I almost don't want to go, I am terrible at good byes. Now the task of replacing him, I've been saying just make a copy..send one down to his family and keep one with us...

Next weekend will be hard but I am thankful if he has to go it's on these terms, terms we can understand. So I will be praying for the selecting committee,  their job will not be easy and busy these next months...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Savings Challenged Accepted

Challenged Accepted!

So I am 2 weeks for 2 weeks, hoping it sticks, I am so awful at letting things go because of time crunch but since I sit at the computer 2 to 5 times a week balancing the checkbook and seeing what has gone through and what still needs to be sent out. I decided this year we needed to be more prepared by the end of the year, with big bills that seem to creep up on us. So when the Super Coupon Lady posted the 52 week challenge on her website, I printed out the check off sheet and placed it on my desk.

I am going to backwards though because the end of the year is packed full with birthdays, our anniversary, and holidays. And I am taking it one step further and instead of just our savings account and placing this in the girls savings accounts also. I would like to have enough in their savings account by the time they are in school to begin a 529 savings program to start saving for their college careers, because I cannot even imagine how expense it will be for them to get a descent education when they are 18. 

So I am check marking the weeks I transfer and if I somehow miss a week, forget or it just isn't there at that time, I plan on to catch up on the plan. There is no skipping out on this. Its the easiest way to do it and simplest way with it right in from of my face. So wish me luck and happy saving in 2014!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The New rule

Work has been crazy, we have so many regulations and policies changing this spring. We keep hearing the new rule this and that and how everything we are doing will be changing. All I can say is I am going to be organized if it kills me with this so ask the confusing parts don't make me feel overwhelmed. Since furlough we have been non stop and my 2 schools have kept me busy, over 900 applications coming my way and I have steadily been working through them. I have to thank outlook for the organized part of it with my flags, category bubbles, and calendar all wrapped in one. By the time I get home looking at the computer isn't too appealing so right now the blogging hasn't happened as I had wished but really other than work being busy we haven't done much her.

Things get busy next week with our schedules and ava begins spring activities soon so we will be plenty busy and I will be keeping up to date as much as possible.

30th birthday

Kenny finally turned 30 this past week. I planned over a month ago a night out for us. I set up the sitter which is my wonderful younger sister and let a few friends know. We didn't want anything fancy, no big party..just dinner with friends we don't get to spend a lot of time with.

It turned out to be a great night. The girls had a blast and we had a good night free. We were able to eat, talk, and spend time together.

Our date nights are special to me. I hope they are too him to. Its a night we aren't parents we are husband and wife. I love that I turned 21 with him, now 30 and one day we'll be an old couple but we'll be together.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

This past week has been COLD!! I tell ya I love where I live. I love the country. However, the half hour commute is a killer when it begins snowing while I am at work. I love snow, I am usually begging for snow but I am over it. I have been painting and cleaning and organizing and would love to have the windows open. So all I could say is I am waiting on spring, warm, and getting these projects done.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

A new year means new beginnings and a whole year gone. Where does time go? Right past you. We have enjoyed it as it has passed but with these little girls I see it passing faster than I have ever before.

Before babies...we spent time getting to know each other, loving each other, and making each other happy....

2009....Ava Marie....our family grew


2011.....Hailey Grace

A beach trip...we cannot wait to take the girls again.....

2012 family photo

2013 family photo