Friday, May 17, 2013

A little girl and her Pap

Ava has always loved the outside and helping with yard work. When we visited mom and Robbie (the girls pap) said he was going to do some work, Ava jumped on the chance to help him. She loves him so much and loves that he always lets her help with stuff. Mom and Robbie were together while I was pregnant with her and when she was born, he took to her. He helped watch her when Mom or Ashley had her and always bragged about his grandbaby so when mom asked if he could be called 'pap' there was no way I could say NO.

Ava and Hailey both adore him and I love their relationship with him. He always gets lots of love when they are around.

Friday, May 3, 2013


So after a little break with teething, sickness, tiredness, and overall just don't want to get off the couch on Sunday mornings, we have gotten back into a good routine. Hailey is old enough now to go to the nursery and she actually likes going to the nursery, unlike Ava who would not step a foot in there as a toddler. Hailey plays with others and sometimes naps. Ava is old enough for Children's church. She is in a class with other 2/3/4 year olds and learning a lesson while we are learning our lesson with Pastor Greg. Ava loves the dressing up part also. She has been wearing all her pretty dresses. I have felt really good since getting back into the swing of things and listening to our Pastor.

The lessons he teaches during the sermon are down to earth, funny, and relatable. I like what it is doing for our family. I love that Ava is learning and enjoying going. I think it helps that our family is so involved. My in laws are all doing their part, its been their church forever and now they are sharing that with our family. Ava is encouraged to learn the bible and learn how much Jesus loves her. Hailey will soon be in class this time next year, learning and doing her own lessons also.

With our lessons during the sermon, we have a handout that has fill in the blanks to help us follow along with his lesson, we arent just sitting there staring into space we are working on following along, looking for the next answer, and listening to his stories of his childhood, adult life, and his family life. Pastor Greg is very real, down to earth and just tells it how it is. He brings it down to a level that no matter what age you are, you are able to relate to what he is trying to teach us. Our faith is growing, as a family and individually.