Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Do I Dare Say It?!?!

So we have been 'potty training' on and off for maybe 6 months, give or take. There are weekends that we have nothing to do and I would put Ava in panties and see what happens. Usually she just pees/poops all over herself and we go back to pull ups. NOT READY....

This past Sunday I asked her if she would pee in the potty if I put panties on her and she said 'No' but we did it anways, just to see. So I put her in panties and she did great, like always, I was just waiting for it to go downhill, like always.

This time though she kept telling me when she had to go and we would go back and she would, no accidents, actually holding it until we got there, and very proud of herself. So that evening as we were discussing the next days activities, I asked her if she wanted to wear panties over to Vickies. She replied 'yeah' and went back to playing.

So Monday came, I put her in panties and sent her Vickies. I sent an extra pair of panties and pull ups just incase she decided she was too busy and was not going to use the potty. When I picked them up, Vickie reported that she did great and used the potty and had been dry all day.

My mom has always said they will let you know when they are ready.

Well I think this is it, no turning back.

She has been in panties for 4 days and only pull ups at night. She still isnt waking up dry and still wakes up at least once for a drink of water.

So I am happy to be able to say that yes it looked like Ava has made the jump, she is now potty trained. How in the world it happened? Cant tell you, other than her stubborness finally left and she is doing it because she wants to.

We have been celebrating her all week, lots of high fives, lots of big girl compliments. She is very proud of herself which she should be, this is a very big step.

We are now in the world of only one little one in diapers.

Monday, August 13, 2012

9 Months 3 weeks....

Hailey has began walking!!!!!!!!!!!!

She started out with one step for the past 3 or 4 weeks but this past Thursday she took 5 at one time, Friday it was more, and by Saturday she was up to 10 to 15 steps before she falls and begins to crawl. So excited for her.

She is so proud of herself also. Ava (who was 9 months, 2 weeks when she began walking) loves it, everytime Hailey begins walking, Ava shouts 'Mommy, Hailey's walking again' we all clap and smile and let her know what a big deal it is.

Cannot wait to keep watching her get better with it. She is so quick as it is with her crawling that I know walking will be the same way. One minute she is there, the next she is in the playroom.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Date Night

While at the beach, we were lucky to have Erika and Kelly and Keith babysit for us for a night while we got out and spent time one on one time together. It was a great night. We left the girls, thankfully no fits, nothing to make us feel bad for leaving. We had no idea where to go so we just got in the car and drove. Kenny decided to go towards Beaufort and that would give us enough time to decide.

Once we got there, we walked around and checked out what resturants were open and if 'picky' me would eat there. Kenny wanted to do somewhere that he could get some seafood. We ended up at a place that we could eat outside, right on the water.

It was so nice. We talked, watched the boats on the water, ate a great meal, and then walked around a little more. I loved it. For having the girls 24 hours a day together and really no time to just talk without someone crying, hungry, or needing to be changed, it was a nice break.

We dont get to do it as much as we did with just one little one, its a little harder to coordinate with two. But now that Hailey is older, (almost a year old already), we are getting more little breaks like this. Its always nice to reconnect, not share your food with little ones (eat when its hot), and not have to threaten time out in the middle of dinner.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Family Vacation

I have had a lot of 'oh my gosh this is my wonderful life' moments over the past few years, but nothing has compared to our week together. We had such a great time as a family. We did so much together, spent to much time just watching our girls grow and playing. I am so thankful for my girls and husband. The girls had a great time, spent some much needed time with their uncles and aunts. They played hard and ate well.

We spent one evening down at the beach and the girls got to play in the sand and had some waves hit them. It was a really sweet evening. We just watched the girls play, took it all in.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

9 months and more...

Hailey turned 9 months old while we were on vacation. It was great to be able to spend so much time with her since I work full time. A few hours in the evenings and on the weekends sometimes is just not enough time with as fast as they grow the first year.

Hailey is such a happy baby, almost always there is a smile on her face. Those big blue eyes are still here, (everyone is keeping their fingers crossed they stay blue).

She had her check up at the doctor. Thankfully no shots this time. She was happy until Dr. Arnett came in and started poking at her.

She weighs in at 20 lbs 6 oz, 28 1/2 inches long, her head is 18.
She just went to 12 month clothing. 

She loves playing, she and Ava are getting better at playing together and sharing toys. She loves this Princess bubble ball pit toy that Aunt Erika gave Ava for Christmas. She gets in there and rolls it all over the room. She is trying to dance and loves music. If Ava and I are singing a song she is quick to begin yelling with us always with a smile on her face.

She is saying 'Dada', "MumMum", "Uh Oh", "AAAAA" for Ava, and we are working on a few other things. Sometimes she will make the 'BAAAA" sound and I think that is for her bottle.

She is eating more table food and hopefully will be off babyfood soon. She likes french fries, baked beans, hamburger, chicken, potatoes, spaghetti and ice cream. She will eat whatever snacks I eat. I let her try just about anything I can make small enough that she wont choke. I certainly have began her on some things early than I ever did Ava but then again, I am more confident this time around.

The love of 2 sisters, it melts my heart to watch them play.

She isnt a big cuddler but she has her movements. She is my baby and I honestly dont know how life was without her. I thought being a mom to one was rewarding but to two little girls that make my heart full, I count my blessings everyday. Watching her grow has been heaven sent.