Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, a great busy year...more to come in 2013

This year has been nuts and busy. Its like it flew by with little time to focus on a lot of worry. This year was certainly a lot calmer than 2011. I say this because there was no big job drama, no baby on the way, no anxiety attacks, and no babysitter drama.

The girls have been with Vicki since January 3rd, they are loving life. They are busy everyday with the other couple of kids that are there. We have celebrated birthdays, holidays, been there for the passing of Grandma, and connected with family again. They are learning to socialize, share, pretend play, and take care of others.

Kennys schedule was nice and easy until this fall when he ventured into adjuct teaching for our community college. Life got busy and we went a lot of weeks with a little bit of time together. That job is now done and he has been home a lot more. The girls are enjoying the time and playing with him. He still has other jobs on the books but nothing as time consuming as the teaching.

In February I began a career with Thirty One Gifts, this company has been amazing to work for. They really take care of their independent consultants and directors. In September I promoted to Senior Consultant. Having a little team is amazing. I love being a sponsor to these ladies. I am currently running a promotion, that if you join my team and qualify with $1000 in sales in your first 45 days I will rebate your enrollment fee.

In July, the girls went to the beach for the first time. The beach wasnt exactly their favorite part, the sand and waves was too much for their little bodies. But they loved the water in the pool, we have waterbugs thats for sure. Ava was out in it everyday, they loved being spoiled all week by us and their Aunt and Uncles. It was nice having extra help, having Erika there really helped, being able to spend time with another mom and go to the bathroom while the kids are entertained and not on my lap was awesome. We dont see the beach in our near future, not until they are old enough to enjoy it, but we will absolutely be going somewhere that we can be in the water.

In August Ava became Potty TRAINED!!!!!  She did it all on her own time and no fighting about it. She was in pull ups over night for about 3 weeks then declared she was a big girl and didnt need them either. I am so proud of her. She still after 4 months gets excited that she goes to the potty and we still praise her every time.

Also in August, we got another WALKER!!! She tried and tried forever. We really thought while we were on vacation she would be walking at 8 months but she waited until she was 9 months. So both girls became walkers at 9 months and during the summer. Hailey was so proud of herself and has been on the go since. Now she is our climber, runner, and all over the place. She loves to dance, loves music, and almost always has a smile on her face.

At 14 months she is doing so much. She is saying 'momma', 'dadda', 'A' for Ava, "ice", 'ash', "please', 'out', 'up' not much but its coming. There are a lot of times she gibbers and it sounds like something. We have thought we have heard 'kathie', 'be right back', 'more', 'sorry', 'ouch'. She understands alot so I am not worried about development. If I tell her directions, she does exactly what shes told, most of the time. As much as a toddler really listens.

Ava turned 3 in September. Wow do we really have a 3 year old? I know I will probably be saying this every year but it amazes me how far more developed she is this year than last. And God Bless her 3s are a lot worse than 2s. Her attitude, understanding, stubborness, and all around character are much different than last year. She has a lot of good moments, she is starting to learn how to play games, we are reading books every day, she is learning her numbers, colors, and shapes.

This year we welcomed another sister in law, Jamie, married Kennys brother. Along with her we received 2 nephews. Adyn and Brantlee. It is so much fun having boys to buy for and in the family. Adyn and Ava get along and fight as much as brother and sister. Their ages dont help matters either. A stubborn 3 and 5 year old. Love that our family is growing and since Jamie has moved here we have been able to get to know each other a little better and spend some time together.

We also found out my other sister in law is expecting this spring in 2013. So there will be 6 little ones around this time next year for the holidays.

My mother got married (4th and final time, fingers crossed). The man she married, I cannot refer to as a Step-Father, he's the girls "Pap". I dont like the term 'Step' with him. He's more than that. He isnt my father but hes so much more a part of the family. He helps my mother with the girls when they are there, he calls to check on them, he misses them, he is their grandparent. He is more of a grandparent marrying into the family than I think some biological grandparents are. He is involved in everything they do. If they are sick, he and Mom want to check on them, bring them what they need if I cant get out, and helps out anytime he can.

Emily, my niece began Kindergarten. When she got old enough to be allowed to go to school is beyond me. I still see her as teh little itty girl that Jess brought home from the hospital. She is learnign so much, she is writing everything she can, she is learning songs, and shows us something new everytime we see her.

We have had some lows this past summer into the fall. The lows are really not important compared to all the highs. The love of our family and the support of all our family members and friends around us make the lows obsolete. They dont make us who we are and they do not affect our daily lives.

Waiting on 2013 and all the fun that it is to bring. As I said last year, resolutions really arent my thing, but I do have a few wishes for us and the girls.

I wish for more time with their grandparents. Ava is understanding more and being taught things by their grandparents are important. Spending time with people other than Mom and Dad is important. Ava has always loved spending time with her grandparents and Hailey is beginning to enjoy it also.

I wish for more date nights with my husband. Now that the girls are older and more independent, staying with family or friends for an evening will be easier so Kenny and I can make sure to focus on us a little.

I wish for healthy and happy kids. I dont like them being stressed for reasons that are unnecessary. I dont like them being sick. I  know I cant prevent these things but I can help by just being here for them.

I wish for more time with their friends. Now that I am not a zombie because of no sleep with a little one. My toddler (god, she is a toddler, no longer a baby) is finally sleeping better. I cant wait until its warm out and the girls and their friends can play outside and mingle.

I wish for more successful nights with Aunts and Grandparents and maybe beginning some sleep overs for Ava. My sisters and I spent the night with my nanny, Aunt Jenny, and Mamaw, we learned to go by others rules, sleep in others beds, and enjoy time away from our parents. Ava has been spending the night with my mom since she was 4 months old. Hailey is a horrible sleepover guest, waiting mommy so I hope she gets better. My nieces are old enough to stay here and let their parents enjoy a free night. A house full of kids is nice and love hearing the chatter, laughter, and arguing.

I wish for success at my job. I was recently passed up for a grade raise, the hiring system is just confusing, no answers for why, and just weird. However I cannot let that get me down. I have to keep doing what I do best and keep my head up. I have always worked hard and I am not going to stop now.

I wish for more family time and activities. I hope we go on more mini vacations, more activities for the girls to be busy on the weekends, and do more with our sisters/brothers and their families.

2013 is sure to keep us on our toes.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our new pup "Kathie"

So we finally got our puppy. We have been searching for months for a dog that would be a good fit for the family. The girls ages, we wanted a puppy but with Kenny's schedule I really wanted a little puppy that was already house broken.

So we hit up and looked at what was available.

We came acrossed Kathie and filled out an application. She was a part of "IOTAM Animal Rescue" out of Martinsburg, WV. Kathie was actually with a 'foster' family while recovering from her past situation.

She is really the sweetest pup ever, letting Hailey climb all over her, Ava has be laying on her like a pillow, and she takes the noise, screaming, crying with stride. When she's outside and hears one of the girls upset, she is at the door barking to come in and make it all better. She has been here for almost a month and its like shes been here forever.

Hailey feeding her crushed ice, they share everything and anything Hailey is eating.

She lets the girls do just about anything to her. If she doesnt like it, she isnt mean about, she just moves out of the way or rolls over to get the off of her.

She is getting so much love from all of us but especially from the girls. They let her out every morning, give her treats, make sure she knows she's loved, and before we leave the house she gets hugs and kisses and told that they love her. At night, they let her out, give her a bone, then tell her good night before she goes to her bed. Ava has taken over a lot of the duties, making her she has food, water, and shes let out. Its been a good thing at her age, to show her some responsibility.

She is a spoiled pup already. She loves the girls plush princess couch. She uses it as a bed in the living room, napping and laying with the girls. Little does she know after Christmas that the girls will have new plush chairs from Santa and the couch will be all hers.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas From my Family to Yours

Christmas has always been a special day for us. Now that the kids are older, it is more fun and enjoyable. They are starting to understand how everything works. We have ourselves the Elf on a Shelf. Ava is trying to be good as much as she can for a 3 year old.

I hope you have a great day and make lots of memories with your little ones.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

An Elf on the Shelf?!?! No Way!!

So Ava is finally old enough that the Elf is making sense to her. At first she totally called my bluff and stated that she 'wanted Santa not the Elf'. So I put her away for a few days and soon Ava was asking for her to come back. That she needed to tell her something to tell Santa. So I brought her back a week before Christmas Day and since then she has been waking up every morning looking for her.

Meet Sugar Plum!!


Meeting Santa!

SO when we went to a birthday party at the beginning of the month, Santa was there!! Yes my friend has some connections with the North Pole. This year Ava was excited to see him and told him what she wanted "a kitty kitty". Hailey wasnt really scared I would say, she just doesnt sit still for anyone. We put her on his lap and she slid right off ready to go. Since Alicia made this possible, we skipped the Mall Santa this year.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time Change

So its been almost 2 weeks since time changed and my youngest is finally getting back on track. When time first changed, she was going to sleep by 7 (would have been 8, her normal bedtime) and up at 430 (would have been 530, her normal wake up time). The week after time changed was so fustrating. I cannot describe to you my irritation level. She meant nothing by it, she doesnt know, shes just doing what her body is telling her but I was tired and she was cranky from not sleeping well.

But finally something has clicked with her, this week she has been sleeping better. She's been sleeping until 5, sometimes after, and staying up a little later in the evening.

I really dont like time change, told my husband that next time we are skipping it. HaHa.

But really its a lot on little kids. It always screwed Ava up for a week or so but nothing compared to what we went through with Hailey.

So now we are finally getting back on track, getting her back into a more normal routine for her. Thank the Lord.

Anyone else have trouble with their little ones during the transition of time change? If so, I really feel for ya.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What the Heck?!

Ever wonder if you can do anything right? Ever go about your own business and soon find out that you offended someone? That has become my life. I am walking along, doing my own thing, and suddenly someone is upset. I honestly do not know how to fix it. I am who I am. I dont do a lot on purpose. I certainly dont try to hurt people on purpose. I have been hurt plenty in my life already and would never try to cause pain on someone.

These past few weeks though somehow, someway I find myself in those moments. Maybe it is me? Maybe I just dont see it? Maybe you should point it out to me. Maybe you should speak to me about it if I am offending you that greatly that it causes you pain.

I try to stay in my own little world, I work full time, part time, then have 2 hyper active busy girls to take care of, and deal with a busy working 3 jobs husband who when he is home we try to take advantage of the time and do family stuff. I lead a simple one, I have a small tight circle of family and friends that I talk to and I am sorry if you are not included. I really havent expanded this circle in years, a few people have come and go but seriously I talk to the same people day in and day out and do not have an issue with this.

I dont know why people are so concerned about what others do or say. It seems like a waste of time and energy to me. I know a person that was really upset with me because she was gone a few days and when she came back I didnt even knowledge she had been gone. Sorry. It was a big deal. Bigger than I could have ever imagined. I just assumed, she's back, she's better. I didnt know I had to ask how everything was, get all the details, and then frequently ask through out the day how it was going. Thank goodness I have a boss that wasnt concerned, told me to keep doing my thing (which is about 20 files a day with lots of correspondence and keeping track of lots of mail).

Lately, it seems that if you dont knowledge those but do others there are issues. I dont know why. I speak to certain people, others I dont. My focus has been on my children since Ava was born 3 years ago. Everyone else can wait a minute. Life is busy, I have those that are involved, those that help, and then those that I only see on holidays or at family events. Sorry, again.

I have a small circle at work. I do not share much of my life with many here. Gossip and rumors are for the birds. I try not to put myself in those situations. I was raised to be honest, no matter how much it hurts. My father has always said "you can forget a lie, but you cannot forget the truth, well because it is the truth, it happened, you dont have to keep track of the lie that never happened'. He raised me, along with my mother to be honest, to be straight forward. I know some people cant handle that. Some people were maybe sheltered from the truth, catered to by family members, or just think everything they do is the best thing ever. Sorry, it isnt, you arent, and I will be the person to tell you. Not to upset you but to keep you in reality.

My husband, GOD bless him, does still love me despite this personality of mine. He's dealt with the blunt of my ways.

I think the reason some times I am put in those situations, is because I dont baby adults. You were a baby years ago, you are off your mommas hip, grow up and take life as it hands you the good, bad, and ugly. There are times for sympathy, for hugs, and taking care of your family in time of need. But I dont respond to hissy fits, I dont care of 'look at me, look at me', and I dont deal with temper tantrums. Why? Because you are an adult, you need to face facts, reality, and deal with it.

There's a little saying my team says about someone whining, crying, complaining at work 'Put on your big girls panties'

So now that the holidays are upon us, I am focusing on my family, the gatherings, and the kids. Well see what else comes my way, I seem to always be in the middle of something, even though I dont want to be. It will all work itself out, it will all be okay, and I will continue my life the way I have been doing it for almost 29 years.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

All Kinds of Deer

So I have a 3 year old. 3 year olds say some pretty funny stuff. This past week we were driving home in the dark (stupid time change) and a deer ran out in front of the car in front of us. So I slowed down.

Ava asked "Mommy what's wrong?"
I replied 'Nothing, just a deer infront of us, we dont want to hit it with our car'
Ava "Is it a Grandpa Deer?"
Me "A Grandpa Deer? Whats that?"
Ava "Mommy, there are Mommy deer, Daddy deer, Son deer, Daughter deer, and Grandpa deer" She also kind of growled at me and made a weird face like I should know all the deer.

Me "Ok, if you want it to be a Grandpa deer than it is"
Ava "Fine"

Then she went on how she goes to Grandpa's house and if the Daddy deer goes to his Grandpa deers house.

Yea they have some funny stuff come out of their mouths at this age and I hope to get it all written down to share with her at later times in her life.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Our 4th Anniversary!

So this past week we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Life has been so busy, I didnt make a peep about it. Usually I am trying to figure out what he might have gotten me or just counting down to remind him. Last week, I blinked and it was here. I cant really say anything new we are still in love, we are still taking care of each other and our family, and we are supporting each other on all of our ventures with work and home. He's my heart, my world, and I couldnt imagine not being with him.

We celebrated at home, I was going to see if we could get a sitter and do a nice dinner out but we had plans for a work function coming up, a night without the kids then, so we just ate at home and enjoyed the evening with the girls. It was quiet and homey, it was us.

Kenny did surprise me by remembering and by also getting me a gift that I would never buy myself. A little on the expensive side but he said it will be for our anniversary and my birthday since its in December. So I will be enjoying that gift soon enough.

So 4 years down, a lifetime to go.

Snowman Bag helps Operation Homefront!

This season why not give a gift buying one gift. This November, well until November 26th you can purchase this exclusive Medium Tote for ONLY $5 when you spend $35 and its also available for purchase for $30, SO if you shop the right way you can purchase 2 of these cute Totes for $40.

The gift of giving, for every Medium Tote bought Thirty One will be donating a Thermal Tote for Operation Homefront to help a military family in need. Help me, help others!! I would love to be able to help with this cause, I am setting a small goal to get 20 Thermals to those needy families. Would you help me?

Contact me or visit my website for purchase!! You dont want to be left out in the cold on this awesome deal.

There are so many uses for this smaller tote. Put in the back of the car for blankets and toys. Fill with bath stuff, soaps, lotions for a friend's gift. Put by the door for little kids shoes so they wont get lost. Many many ideas for this cute little bag. Available in 6 different prints but the snowman is my favorite. to order, you have until the 26th then this bag will be gone, it is a special only for this month!!! Dont miss out on this opportunity!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Having more fun with the Holidays!

I am running a great enrollment special right now!  If you join my team from November 1st through December 31st and qualify (get $1,000 of sales) in the first 45 days, I will refund your enrollment kit fee ($99)!  You could easily reach this $1,000 with just a few parties!  It could even be a catalog or online party.  If you have questions about the special or anything else about becoming a consultant shoot me an
e-mail and I would be glad to answer any questions. I would love to have you on my team, the Bowers Bombshells!! Thats right we are Da Bomb!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Leadership and my WHY?!

I have been taking a leadership training, nothing too major, just something that my team offered and I joined. I was excited to receive the email asking me to participate. I have lots of leadership roles in my short career time and being given another opportunity is exciting. One of the things we talked about alot was building and taking care of the team our on way and which way would it be. I have to say my team is relaxed, I dont try to tell them how to run their business, however I do give them ideas, share what I am doing with my business, and try to reach out to them to make sure everything is running smoothly.

It's not my business, just my team. I am here to listen, guide, share, and talk to them. I am not sure to tell them they are doing something wrong or should do it another way. The guidance we have received from our own leader, our Director, has been wonderful. I want to lead by example, I do not want to micromanage or try to put someone down. My team is awesome, one is a great lady I met in May and the other is a co worker that has become a really good friend. They are growing their own teams and I cannot wait to watch them in their roles as leaders.

During our leadership training, we speak alot about our WHY? Why did we want to join Thirty One? Why did we decide to sell totes, purses, bags? Why did we contact the person we did to sign up?

Well when I first started it was really to try to help things at home, my husband has always worked 2 jobs for extra income and had started thinking about a 3rd. This full time position allows him the possibility of that but I didnt want him gone all week long just to have some extra and try to pay our debt down all on his own. I work full time myself and have the girls to worry about. But when speaking and emailing my director Thirty One seemed like a good fit. I make my own hours, choose the days that I can work, choose how much I want to put into it, and get to be home still most evenings with the girls. Also I LOVE the bags, I have alot of them now and my collection keeps growing. (Learn how in my next post!!)

So my WHY started out to pay off debt, then in early April, we decided all my commission would go to our beach fund. So we went to the beach with more than enough because of my parties. Then it went back to debt and now it is on to Christmas. We will be using my commission and Kenny's other jobs to pay for a CASH ONLY Christmas. I so hope that this is realized and happens. I believe it can. I believe that it will.

Now I am counting down until my November parties. I am so excited for them. And once all my commission is paid, I will be shopping for all the wonderful people in my life. So excited for the holidays. So my WHY changes every couple of months, it just depends on my families extra needs, but it comes through, it happens, and my family is always taken care of.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Celebrate and Connect

One more benefit of being a consultant for this great company is our Celebrate and Connect meetings. They give us a chance to meet up with other consultants on our team and to get some one on one training with our director. There may be a day when I am holding these meetings myself. Also at our C&C meetings, we get an item to help our business. Thirty One is always about making it easier for our business to grow.

At this C&C meeting, we were given an item that will be revealed in our NEW spring Catalog in January 2013. This item was given to us so that we can start promoting and booking into the spring months. The item is AWESOME and that is all I can say if you are not a future hostess.

My hostesses in November and December will be presented with a Thirty One Challenge from ME. The bag that I was given is a value of $65, and I would love to share this item with my hostesses. If their parties close with a certain number of bookings I will celebrate my hostess with the same item. This challenge will also be extended to me, can I get people excited enough to want to throw an awesome 31 party? Can I present a good party where they love the products as much as I do? And what gift can I present them with for booking?

One of the best things about the way I run my business, is that since I get items for FREE I love returning the favor to my customers.

I will be doing the same with myself when I host my 3rd Open House in December. Can I get the required number of bookings? Maybe have someone join my team? Extend the love of this great company with anyone that wants the opportunity.

So contact me to host your own home or book/online party and I will share with you the item thats in all of our hands. It is a super great item and I cannot wait to use in my home!!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 sick kids, no sleep, and teething

This past week has been horrible. We have had plenty of bad nights in our household since having Ava 3 years ago, but this past week ugh! Both girls went down pretty fast with colds. Runny noses. Coughs. Attitudes. Clinginess. Whiny. All of it times 2!!!

Hailey has had a runny nose for about a week or a half, she had a bottom tooth pop through, and now she has a terrible cough.

Ava started with a fever last week, diagnosed with an early ear infection, runny nose, and lots of attitude from not feeling well.

Their days havent really been too bad, its when the sun goes down that all heck seems to break loose in our house. The lack of sleep has made me a bear right along with them. I can usually run off little/no sleep pretty well, I like to think so anyways, however I have my breaking point.

The past 4 nights have gone down like this: girls asleep by 830, Ava back up by 1030 needing water, 1230 Hailey wakes up coughing, 1 or 130, Ava is up for water, 230 Hailey screams for 2 hours or so, Ava in the middle of this screaming wakes up one or more times for more water. We are all up for the day by 6 or 630 and they are off to daycare while I go to work. My hubby, god bless him, is up then goes to work a long shift where he may not sleep there either.

Ava is on day 5 of her medicine and actually woke up smiling like her old self. Hailey's nose is no longer running. Both girls seem happy. However this was at 630 in the morning. Lord only knows what this evening will bring.

I am hoping for a good couple of nights before Hailey has any more teeth come through. It seems like she is good then a tooth really bothers her until it pops through. Ava's ear infection seems to not be bothering her anymore.

So we go from here. I am only wishing for good moments. We all want good moments. The bad ones are okay too, just want my girls to feel better, to play, to not be lumps on my couch. I have enjoyed the snuggle time. But they both snuggle when they are well. I would rather have them playing than on my lap most of the time. I love hearing them laughing together. I love it when Ava yells "come look at us mommy" and they are doing something silly. I am sure it will all be back to normal soon enough. I will be then pulling my hair out wishing that they would just sit for a minute so I can get a break. But life with these two will never have a dull moment, they are already partners in crime together, looking out for each other, and getting into trouble every day with each other.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

She's 1!! Our baby is no longer a baby!!

Hailey's 1st birthday was awesome. I took off work and we spent the whole day celebrating her. We had one little hiccup, Ava had come down with a cold and had to be seen by the doctor. Her story ended with ear infection and a cold. So most of our plans for the day disappeared. But Hailey had a good time. She got a good nap taking Ava into town and then riding home with her daddy.

This year has gone too fast. It feels like yesterday we were bringing her home. I went through the whole day telling Kenny what I was doing at that time. I think I remember it all because it was supposed to be my last day of work, then a day of rest, then my scheduled c-section. Since we were having the scheduled c-section, I wasnt prepared for her at all. No bags packed, nothing done for Ava's weekend at Nanny's. I had thought all along, she would come early, my calculations said her due date was October 14th, which meant my c-section on the 21st was 7 days late. But by the doctors numbers she was marked as being born at 38 weeks 5 days. I still argue that she was wrong. Anyways, on the 19th I totally was NOT expecting her. I felt horrible all day, which I did for all 9 months, I had a team lunch at Warm Springs, my team was saying goodbye and making sure I had all my ducks in a row before leaving for 6 weeks.

So when I got home that night and my water broke I was absolutely shocked and unprepared. I called my sister in law, thank goodness for her, she immediately stopped what she was doing, left her family and came to my house. She helped me pack my bag, Ava's bag, yelled at me for not being prepared, and waited with me for Mom/Robbie and Kenny to get here. Kenny put the carseat in mom's car and loaded it up with her bag, toys, and everything under the sun. Erika wished me luck and went home. Kenny and I were off to the hospital.

At 11:44 pm she was taken from me and announced BORN. She came out screaming and screamed the whole time she was in the room with me. By 1 am, we were all in our room and life began with another newborn. So thankful for her to be healthy and no issues.

Home with us

She's grown so much, so fast. She's saying a few more words, "ice", "momma", "out", "no". I will update her weight/height once she goes for her wellness check. She's been walking for 3 months, off formula, and sometimes sleeps through the night. She loves her chocolate milk.

Now a household with 2 toddlers, running around the house, and having a great time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Promotion, Senior Consultant

At the end of September I became an "Independent Senior Consultant" with Thirty One Gifts. How proud am I?? LOTS!!!! This is a huge thing, a surprising thing, something I never expected when I began my career with them in February of this year. My only goal was to get cute totes for the discounted price and try to stay 'active' by submitting a $200 party every 3 months.

Now in October I have a team of 3 ladies that are awesome to work with and the team spirit is awesome. The positivity with this company is unreal. They just pump you up, there is no negativity, there is no 'you didnt do it the right way', its just 'way to go' and 'WOOT WOOT'. Its a nice change. Most companies are about numbers and no doubt so is this company however if you have a bad month, oh well, theres always next month.

My direct is awesome and has really answered every question I had and gotten back to me in a good time frame, there is no 2 week wait, usually a day or two and I have some kind of email or call from her.

I started 'Leadership' training. This training is to help me become a better leader within the company, learn how to train my girls, learn how to grow my team, and learn how to take care of my business the way that I want it.

I am so thankful that Thirty One has come in my life, I have met a great group of Ladies, a family of sisters that are there for me and my family when I need them.

Now on to my goals with Thirty One, maybe one day a director who knows. I would love the opportunity and this company will give me that. I, of course, will be trying to build my team, bringing on more sisters and working with them to become the leader that they would like to be.

This promotion has shown my family one thing, this isnt just a 'hobby', it is building into a nice career that will lead to lots of great opportunities including free trips around the world, gift cards to places like Best Buy, and rewards of free merchandise just for having a party or two and enjoying the company of ladies around my area.

Sooo if you have thought about joining a direct sales company and want to join a great one, a faith based one, a positive one, one that rewards you, and one that will become a family, contact me to join, visit my website and join. It cost me $99 for the beginners kit, and I will never look back, I have already earned that and more in this experience.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thirty One Gifts Mystery Hostess Party!!!

Join my Mystery Hostess Party

           **for every $20 spent you will receive a chance to win the
Hostess FREE Credit from the party**

Just log onto my website and order from “Mystery Hostess Party” once the order is received then I will make sure to enter you in the contest

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All prints and personalization will be chosen by YOU.

(Any amount OVER the Credit will include tax and shipping fees)

Kristin Bowers

****If you are not within 20 minutes of my location please make sure you mark ship directly to you, $4 shipping fee, so that you will receive your items quickly****

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big Birthday Party!!!

So this year, I decided to go a little nuts and do A WHOLE LOT for their birthdays and to SPOIL them as much as possible. Ava is a great age, 3, and learning so much and able to do a lot more now than even this time last year. Hailey will be 1 this monh and we celebrated both at one time. We have a huge guest list and I was NOT going to do this twice.

Last year we went to her friend Cari's party and they had face painting and a balloon guy there. They were really awesome.

not happy with strangers but liked her painting

2011 party

So in January or February I emailed and asked a few questions and ended up booking the "Glitterbugz" company. They worked with our date, so glad I booked them months in advance, and I had one thing marked off my list early.

So all year I had been working on ideas and how I wanted everything. This past weekend it went into action. I think everyone had a good time. If they didnt, no one is telling.

The kids all had a great time I am sure, they had a line for the facepainting and balloon guy the whole time they were there.

with her BFFs


he was a busy man

blowing out her candles with daddy

Cant wait to see what I do next year to make them happy!

I love birthdays, they are a special day, as long as I am living the girls birthdays will be a special day filled with anything and everything they could have dreamed of.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bottle Free, Formula Free

So after what has seemed forever, we are done with buying formula and bottles. Hailey has only slept through the night 3 times since coming home from the hospital. Most babies by 6 months are sleeping through the night but not our Hailey. It hasnt really bothered me except those couple weeks here and there that I am just flipping exhausted, on the run, work is crazy, and I just want a few hours uninterrupted...well....

Last week she was waking up about 4 times a night, I was switching between formula and water. I would try to give her water first but she wasnt satisfied and would scream so she would get a little bit of formula and go back to sleep. She was also going to sleep her normal time but waking up extremely early. I was getting to the point that something had to change and change quick.

Friday night we were up 3 times and up by 5. She did manage to go back to sleep for a little nap so I got a little shut eye before starting the day. Saturday was their big birthday party (post to come) and she went without a bottle all day, which she had been doing for us for about a week. That evening, I decided, she had gone 18 hours without a bottle or formula it was time to just try the night.

She did okay, up at 330 then at 5, got her back to sleep around 530 and she slept until almost 8. No bottle, only sippy cup of water in the middle of the night. Sunday morning, Kenny and I talked and thought 'cold turkey' is the way to go. We were out of formula anyways and I really didnt want to go get another whole container for her to not want it.

So we are on day 4 of no bottle and no formula. She is sleeping 10x better, getting more food since she is not being supplemented by the formula, and she doing great with milk.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Its been two months!

So Ava has been potty trained for two months now. All I can say is "Yippee" for only having one in diapers now. She has been doing great.

It amazes me how quickly she figures something out once SHE wants to do it. We have not really been pushing the issue because we wanted to give her time but once she realized what she was doing and decided that she wanted to do it, she has been potty trained ever since.

I will say it has taken adjustment from us as well. Remembering that we have a little one in panties and will have to potty before we leave for a trip, find a restroom in a store (which is disgusting but when she needs to go she needs to go), and making sure she goes before naps/bedtime.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pickin in the Panhandle!

So for the 2nd year, Kenny decided to compete in the Backyard Competition of Pickin in the Panhandle. He is really into the BBQing and its a fun hobby. Better than what some wives and husbands call hobbies, hes home, hes not out and about doing God only knows and these are family events so the girls are welcome there.

He was a team of 1 this year. The guy that helped him last year entered the parenting world when his son was born in July so he was the only cook this year. His one buddy and shift member set up camp with him and also spent the whole weekend with him.

They had an awesome camp site, close to the stage, awesome view of the whole thing. The weather was awesome after it finished raining. It was cool and a perfect evening. The girls spent the evening with Nanny and Pap and I was thankful for it. We havent had a kid free evening in a while.

watching the main stage band

Once the weekend was over, Kenny brought home all the leftovers and we chowed down. This pork BBQ was awesome and he placed 9th!!!!!! I am so proud of him, he's already talking about next year and what he wants to change and keep.

A Fundraiser!

I am currently working on a fundraiser to help a Mother/Daughter team fight leukaemia. This fundraiser is my first with Thirty One Gifts and I am so excited to be a part of it. I have also decided that any individual orders I receive in the timeframe of their fundraiser (September 16-28) I will donate that commission to them as well. I feel so blessed to be able to help out. I cannot wait to share the results with everyone!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a Boy? Two boys? Another Baby?

Have I mentioned how busy August was for this family?!? Well did I fail to mention there is another grandbaby on my husband's side of the family...yep we have been some baby making fools these past 3 years....

Keith, the oldest Bowers, and his soon to be wife Jamie welcomed Brantlee to the family 2 weeks early in August.

When I woke up to a text from my brother in law, I assumed, she had 'gone' into labor and we would play the waiting game. But just as his big brother Adyn, Brantlee wasnt playing any games, he was ready to get out of that belly and meet the world. So I dont even think 6 hours after her water broke, he was here and my text was actually a picture giving me the weight and length.

So now this Bowers crew now has 3 little princesses and 2 little princes.

I had told ya before if there were anymore babies coming, it definitely wasnt coming from me...but the other boys may surprise us...SURPRISE!!

Absolutely a blessing, once again, and cannot wait to see whats in store when these 5 are a little older...Adyn and Ava are already running around causing trouble together....its only going to get crazier, busier, and more fun I am sure!

Such a good big brother already

Keith's new little family

he is a tiny little booger butt!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Vending for Thirty One

Being a vendor is not a new experience. I have had plenty of jobs before that required me to sit at a table and speak to people I dont know. When I was with Berkeley County Schools, we had a few times we were at the mall, with the CVB (visitors center), we set up a couple times of a year and I was able to go to the State Fair while there to help man a table.

In the month of August I got the opportunity to be a vendor at the Youth Fair and then Martinsburg Bike Night. Both nights were a little busy, a little slow, and a little interesting.

It was an experience, a eye opener, I know what to improve on, I know what to change, I know what NOT to do next time. I am sure the more I do it the better I will get at it.

Getting my business name out there and my chances of helping those that want to become more involved with Thirty One is a great thing with these vending events. I cannot wait until next year to start fresh and get on billet for several different organizations and different events.

If anyone that is reading this knows of an event that would be great for Thirty-One I would love any information, you can email me. I love meeting new people, I love getting out there and speaking with people about a product I love.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Girl and Her Bear...

When Ava was younger, under a year, she was attached to 2 favorite animals off and on, a frog that Kenny won out of a vending machine and a cat that I have had since I was a little girl.

She has fallen in love with a polar bear that was given to her this past Christmas by a cousin. She carries it around the house, cuddles with him, and it has even made its way to Vickies.