Saturday, February 16, 2013

Craft Time!

The girls are finally old enough that I am breaking the crafts. We got finger paint to do some crafts for Valentines day and it has gone from there. Ava has loved it. She's not a big fan of getting her hands a mess but put a paint brush in her hand and she is busy. Hailey loves it, mess no mess, she is a happy girl.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


NOOOOOO NOOOOOO I haven’t abandoned this project or idea. We began the bulk of what we wanted to do on February 1st and so far its going well. We are spending less and eating at home more. We are not buying unnecessary items. I have our cash envelopes cut and ready for our next pay cycle. We are paying off what we can fast to prepare for the move. We are hoping to move in with a family member if we would sell our home then we can pay ‘rent’ and save money to pay down debt while our home is being built on our land. We are using our ‘extra’ incomes with our 2nd jobs and paying those ONLY towards debt. No extras for us, no extras for the kids. We are using our full time income if we want something special, working it out and doing it when we have it.
So far his one Credit Card is nearly paid off, our other Credit Card is close, and then we have one that will be worked on once we get taxes back. I am trying to use my commission from Thirty One for any Thirty One that I need instead of putting it on CC and also to pay on CC debt we have. Once all the CC are paid off they will be going away as an Emergency needed item ONLY.
We are starting a Christmas and Vacation fund so that we are not scrambling to pay for this stuff. I absolutely love the holidays so need to make sure we have what we need in there so I can spoil everyone the way I want to.
So February is half over and we are just beginning, it is going to be a big task and something to keep up on but I cannot wait for the final result. To only have to pay for our home and vehicles would be a dream.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Life Update, January flew by

So it's been a while. We have been busy at home. We have made a lot of BIG decisions in the past 2 weeks that has our minds spinning now on the ‘to do’ part of it all.
Kenny and I have decided to put our house up for sale. We want to see what the market does and if we get any bites. We never saw this house as our ‘forever home’ but thought we might be in there at least 5 years. Well something struck us a few weeks ago and we want to test the waters. So since that happened, we have been busy, busy planning what we need to do to get the house ready for ‘sale’, what we are going to do with a few bigger items, and our puppy. We just want to make sure everything is right before making this move but it all just feels right. We met with our realtor last week to go over the house, get some pointers from her, and then to discuss price. It is all very exciting but very nerve wrecking.
Life has been busy with my Thirty One Business. It is booming and staying steady. February has been an awesome month so far with some pretty awesome hostesses. They are what make this business fun! Thirty One is all about rewarding their consultants and customers, so beginning February 16th I will be promoting a little more than usual. On February 16th, Thirty One begins its OJ Program!!! That’s right, this program lets you join MY TEAM at and once you submit $1000 in sales in your first 30 days, you receive your $99 enrollment fee back!! Also I am making this a little fun and will be purchasing a bag from March’s special for you to help you begin your business so you can show everyone how wonderful this company is!! So you receive a $300 valued kit for FREE and a FREE bag. I am so excited and love helping out my team so this program is just the right time to join and begin your business.
The girls are doing great. They are both growing like weeds!! Hailey had her 15 month check up and is almost 24 lbs and 31 ½ inches long! She isn’t too far behind BIG sister at all. January was a very low key month for them just going to daycare and home. This is how I like it. We haven’t had any sickness since Christmas but runny noses and coughs. Nothing too major.
So we are good, I am signing up for lots of giveaways. I have been working on my own giveaway for months now….NO TIME to do it with my little monkeys. So I am thinking maybe a giveaway for March. I have been doing small guessing games on my facebook page, so check that out if you want I am sending small Thirty One gifts to the winners. I love spreading the love of Thirty One to others. I am loving all the participation and meeting new people through the blog.
We are super busy at work, so my break times that I take to write up a little something about us, or post a giveaway I helping promoting isn’t happening, I hate being behind, I hate being late, and I hate not being active, so wanting that to change. Now that spring is right around the corner I am hoping to get my energy back and to get back in the swing of things. Winter has lasted too long.