Sunday, January 19, 2014

And it's real...

So 4 years ago not only did Ava come into this world but our church welcomed a new pastor.

Pastor Greg came into the church like he'd been here forever. He and his family are really sweet down to earth people who are here to help. He has such a big heart. He has fit in so well with the back creek family.

His easy going lessons on Sunday are a big reason I am there. My family has never been huge into religion and church was never a every Sunday thing. We didn't read the bible at home or discuss it or even said prayers, unless we needed prayers. This past year going through the book of Romans, having him break it down into understandable words, and listening to his stories of his marriage, childhood, and college careers has made the bible enjoyable, learnable, and having me looking more into my faith.

He was our first visitor when we had Hailey, prayed over her and baby talked to her,  gushing how beautiful she is.

Last month pastor Greg announced his resignation from our church. A shocker to everyone and had most crying by the end of his speech. We will all miss him. The reason behind his you cannot fault that we would all make ourselves if it came down to it.

Today they announced the moving trucks are know how real that makes all this? Next Sunday is going to be hard. I almost don't want to go, I am terrible at good byes. Now the task of replacing him, I've been saying just make a copy..send one down to his family and keep one with us...

Next weekend will be hard but I am thankful if he has to go it's on these terms, terms we can understand. So I will be praying for the selecting committee,  their job will not be easy and busy these next months...

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