Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The New rule

Work has been crazy, we have so many regulations and policies changing this spring. We keep hearing the new rule this and that and how everything we are doing will be changing. All I can say is I am going to be organized if it kills me with this so ask the confusing parts don't make me feel overwhelmed. Since furlough we have been non stop and my 2 schools have kept me busy, over 900 applications coming my way and I have steadily been working through them. I have to thank outlook for the organized part of it with my flags, category bubbles, and calendar all wrapped in one. By the time I get home looking at the computer isn't too appealing so right now the blogging hasn't happened as I had wished but really other than work being busy we haven't done much her.

Things get busy next week with our schedules and ava begins spring activities soon so we will be plenty busy and I will be keeping up to date as much as possible.

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