Sunday, January 26, 2014

So far So good..

So this January, I have actually been keeping up with most of what I said that I wanted to do this year...I know I still have the rest of the year but starting off on the right foot will keep me going. We are saving, cleaning, painting, working on projects, and I am exploring more into my faith. Our wonderful church does hold classes for adults but with small children, working full time and Kenny's work schedule, right now I know I would just feel guilty being in a class when I could be playing Uno, giving baths, hearing about their day or even just arguing with them to get them to bed on time.

So thanks to pinterest and a cousin that 'pinned' the link first I am working on my own to work through bible studies with a great group of ladies that put the studies together.Their blog is wonderful, uplifting, and right now something that is helping me understand where I am at in this world. This 8 week program is sure to be educating. The first couple of weeks are about me, my purpose, and my faith then we will be focusing on the kids, marriage and etc.

So far I have been working on it after the girls go to bed and during my lunch break. I tried one day while they were awake and they are nothing but a distraction while you are trying to focus on the words and meanings. So wish me luck, 8 weeks of trying to keep up with reading, my studies along with working, hubby, and kids schedules.

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